Thursday, December 11, 2008

Articles of Interest

Make it Happen!
At this time of year, we do a lot of thinking about our dreams and wishes, but actually making a move towards the thing we want is something else. We buy the books, write the lists, talk to people about it – and always find a reason not to begin the task itself.
This acticle helps turn your goals into reality! I hope to buy the magazine soon and scan the artcile, but here is the starting point:

How to be Rich
When you have some free time, take a listen to this online coaching - very interesting, and motivating!

Life Under the Same Sun
Many of you know my spirtual stance is strong, but I became even more indepth when I learned of Rooftop Church. A place I feel at home at, I also feel the power of the word speaking to me. The current series is designed for those struggling to find the meaning and purpose in their lives - considence? I think not! You can listen to the sermons free online, and not only is Pastor Matt hilarious, but the message speaks loud and clear ... we can achieve our dreams.

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