Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December's Project

I thought, and I thought - what would be the inspiration we needed to start our transformation?? Maybe it would be watching the sunrise while meditating to classical music .... or traveling across country doing the Thelma and Louise ... perhaps even yet we could sell everything we own and move to Africa to help those who are less fortunate that us. What inspiration, what jolt do we need to discover ourselves again?

At a dinner party a few weeks ago for Ann-Marie, I was thinking and thinking about what my speech would be - what did I want to say to her. I choose a simple route of depth with meaning and an Irish blessing in my speech, and then I made her and others sit and listen as I read Dr. Seuss - Oh, The Places You Will Go. I love that story as it reminds me a lot of childhood. Sitting outside, staring at the stars, wondering what the future held. Somewhere between childhood and main street of life we have lost touch of what that curious nature had in store for us so many years ago ... we lost sight of the dreams we had of having the world by the tail, seizing the moment and making it ours, capturing the beauty in life.

For the month of December I want us each to work on a project - developing our life's maps to that mountain we want to climb. There is a list of articles and instructions to read:
- Dr. Seuss, Oh Baby the Places You will Go
- Are You on the Right Course
- The Mind Map
- Life Map Questionnaire
and finally
- Create a Life Map.

After Christmas, but before the New Years - I want each of us to share what we have learned in creating our life map, mission statement, and personal value statement. Over the next month lets work together to encourage each other, share ideas, and inspire each to develop what is in us .... Because, Kids - we ARE to MOVE MOUNTAINS! We just lost our maps on how to get there.

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