Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Life" what you see here?

... want to see more? I need your input, and those of others! What kind of articles do you want to read? What sort of projects do you want to complete? Do you want to read books, view videos, listen to audio?? Remember that Life's Discussion belongs to you; I will put into it what you want to see out of it. So help me out - drop me a line, a comment, or an email and let me know what is helping you - what you want to see more of / less of - what new items to present.

Please pass on the website to all of those you think it could benefit ... the more discussion we have with life, the better "educated" we can make ourselves!


  1. I know you put a lot of work in this blog and damn it I am going to use it! Thank you so much for your hard work.

  2. No work at all; a momumentous benefit of being the creator of this site is that I get to research and develop in my own life. My hope is not only can I provide stepping stones in my path, but others as well.