Sunday, December 21, 2008

Life's Joy

Today was an extremely busy day. Thomas and I got up, went to church services, then to a Rams game that was a gift from Santa; afterwards we were home for a few and then back out in the cold to race to dinner at my Dad's church for a Christmas celebration.

About an hour ago we made it home. Upon such I found myself not knowing where to begin on my to do list, and what I needed to add to it. Christmas cards still need to be prepared, the laundry needs to be done, presents need to be wrapped, trash taken out ... And yet, by some strange force I was drawn into those "things can wait, climb into bed."

And it is there, nestled with my hot cup of tea and laptop that I discovered this gift in my email inbox. A two minute film on the simple joys in life. The wondrous colors, music, and inspirational quotes called to me to listen, to take note. There will always be a to-do list in our journey of life. For every three items accomplished, there will be six to add to the mix. But there is one thing on our continuous list that we often, scratch that, almost always over look -- time for ourselves. Reflection of who we are, and who we are yet to become. Quite time in our thoughts of how much we have accomplished. Moments to relax and enjoy the true beauty of life.

"Nothing happens, but first a dream" - Carl Sandburg ... one of my favorites from the clip. Take a moment to find your favorite in the film, Simple Secrets. My hope is that it will inspire you as well to take note on slowing down, looking around, and reflect on all you are, and what you are yet to become.

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