Friday, January 23, 2009

Revolutionary Road

I must say I have been waiting to see this movie like a kid waits for Christmas morning; with little patience!!! I even thought it was due out in theaters the day after Christmas last year and swore I was going to wait in line; complete with a tent and sleeping bag and a little hello kitty thermos. Much to my disappointment, yet another disadvantage of not living in New York or LA is that movie debuts tend to happen later ... much later ....

Alas! Opening today in theaters EVERYWHERE is the movie to see - Revolutionary Road. Watch the trailer, read the synopsis, pick up the book, and you will discover this movie screams where we sometimes feel in our lives. Lost. Confused. Searching. Wondering. Curious. Discovering. Learning. Growing. Changing. Being.

I will be going to see this movie next weekend at the Chase Park Plaza Cinema. If you are interested in joining me, let me know. If you want to go alone, feel free. Either way I encourage you to watch this film and push the boundaries of your thinking process to explore what is holding you back from starting your life ...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day of history ...

We are living in a time in which our great nation has yet to see, until now. We are in need of a transitional level of magnitude and the survival of our great nation depends on such a transformation. We need a transformation like Lincoln and his leadership and resolution during the American civil war at a time when our nation was divided. We need a transformation like Roosevelt and foreign affairs, and we need a transformation like our "Great Communicator" Ronald Regan. This is not only my future, or your future, but it is our children's and their children's that we so desperately need to save.

I am pleased to write today is a day that history took place. My reasoning behind our 44th President is because I believe through him, our commander and chief, we are about to see the transformation we are in desperate need of. Unlike the Tuesdays that have passed by before, today was a day that hope and inspiration was restored to our great nation; a day that the waves of change can bring the belief back to our noble nation. A change that floats the words of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness back into our beliefs. A change that encourages our fellow others to once again believe in our country, our constitution, our dreams, hopes, and ambitions. Our great empire may have been falling, but today we stood proudly to say we demand the rebuilding; that the structure may be intact and the people it inhabits fight for restoration, seek peace within themselves and others, lend helping hands, and stand with a voice. The days ahead are not going to be easy, but as we sometimes forget as believers of God – he has already fought and won the hardest battle. I strongly encourage you to listen to Mr. Teacher Goes to Washington and then meditate on the meaning it can have to your own life.

Yes today history has been made, and to be a part of such an historical event, brought tears to my eyes and allowed me to weep. I wept for the piece of hope I took from today. That piece of hope did not involve a man of color becoming our commander in chief, that hope came from a man who I believe will lead our nation and once again restore that in which we have forgotten … a way of life that involves putting ourselves accountable and seeking ways to redefine, rebuild, and restore.

With great optimism I have a wish that many of you took from today your own piece of hope. Today was a symbolic representation that if we believe, all things are possible. Today was a stepping stone into our future – and if you follow those stones you can lead your very own place in history, your very own mark in this world. I encourage you to take your stance in your own lives, to encompass what the sobriety of truth and knowledge can provide to your very being, and to those around you. I ask you to question yourself of the difference you can make in your life, and to each life you can touch. I ask you to give back, to seek more, to push the limits, to go further beyond what you thought you could reach and even after you have reached your goal I ask you to reach further. For this life is not only about your future and legacy, but about your children’s and your loved ones. Make your mark. Seek your life. Give back to others. And by God, make it possible.


What does Oprah and Michaela and Chris Rodriguez have in common? Well, besides each are outstanding, heartfelt individuals that lead a life of example ... they will all three be on the same stage, sharing the same camera ... date to be announced!


So set your Tivo (or VCR if you live in a house like mine) or sneak off early to watch her segment ... again, date to be announced!

The part I love most about this segment is Michaela's enthusiasm before the show. Mic loves Oprah; reads her magazine, visits her website daily, incorporates some of her ideas into her world ... and she always wanted to be at some time in her life, in Oprah's presence. When the opportunity would arise for tickets to the show, or even an opportunity to be featured, Michaela would jump at the chance! She took chances, she believed, and in the end it more than paid off for her. One of her dreams came true because she always pursued, and her hopes turned into reality because of perseverance and lack of disbelief. I encourage you to look at this segment not just as a woman and a man being interviewed, but as an inspirational family who lived out a dream.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything!

Next Thursday, January 15th, there is a guest speaker at my old University --
Dr. Ken Robinson. This is a free event, filled with inspiration.
His new book entitled:

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Will be discussed, with a question and answer period, and book signing.

I was excited when I received the email today informing of this event; especially with everything we just discussed yesterday, this was yet another sign that we are each moving in the right direction ... we are on a search, and all of the elements we need to find ourselves is within us, around us, and out there for us to discover!

Hope to see you there!

Maryville University, Speaker Series

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's your Purpose?

First, thank you Jessica for sending this link to me - amazing! For most of us we are still struggling to find what our purpose in life is suppose to be. We have moments of clarity when we believe we are headed in the right direction, and even moments of pure "Ah HA!" where we know we are. However, how many of us are actually fulfilling our true purpose?

When I came up with the title "Plan B" I went with my first reaction. I think sometime ago, before I became an adult, before I had Thomas, before I had a house and bills and life struggles, I had a "Plan A". This was THE plan to have in my life; consisting of pursing medical school, becoming a doctor, helping people. The plan also had many virtues I wanted to exhibit in my life; compassion, love, generosity, devoation. After many years of just being in life I woke up one day. The thought of being a doctor was no longer a true passion of mine, but what was worse is that I had no idea who I was or wanted to be.

So, Plan B ... rediscover who I am and what direction I am TRULY heading. We have a clue of what we want, but we never really devote time to the actual understanding and defining of our exsitence. In this link is a way to sit down and write out numerous rough drafts of what your purpose is, until you unlock the mystery and redisover your new plan .... grab a pen, paper, some highlighters and for us ladies, some tissues ... discover those inner secrets, unleash your desires, fulfull your purpose!

How to Discover Your Purpose!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Inspirational Movie!

Check out the new short clip of inspiration. This was sent to me, and after I watched it I knew I had to send it on ... Under the Articles tab you will find the movie posted under "Daily Inspiration". Leave a comment with your favorite piece of inspiration ... mine was an old favorite of mine, "There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it" ~ Edith Wharton

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to the New Year

A new year has just begun. A time of hope, transformation, healing, clean slates. My hope is that each of us take a moment to step back and truly understand that we have a fresh start ahead of us, if we choose to take the leap of faith and believe in ourselves.

I keep a secret counter on my wrist watch, like James Bond style, and on New years eve alone I was asked 17 times what my new years resolutions were to be for the year to come. Interesting, to say the least, was the amount of times this question presented itself. More interesting was my answer in response. For the year of 2009 I choose not to make the traditional resolutions as many will attempt to do. Instead, I am planning a new approach.

Each month for the year of 2009 I will be attempting to add to my life in some way; Jessica and I sat down this past Saturday night and listed what each of us wanted to get out of each month this year. The title is simple: Making the Impossible, Possible. The work is not going to be easy. The payoff is going to be great. I am daring each of you to do the same. Make a list of what to achieve each month; for example, for the month of April I want to "give back to Mother Earth". During April I want to explore nature, as well as give back. I want to go for hikes, plant flowers, trees, appreciate the beauty around me in nature and what it can provide for my soul and spirit.

The purpose of "Making the Impossible, Possible" is turning my life into what I want it to be. Resolutions can be broken, and there is not much hard feeling or guilt. In fact, the laughing joke tends to be what resolutions were actually kept ... but in making a list committed to making our lives improve, this allows us the freedom and forgiveness to explore our lives, and what we truly want to achieve and gain in the new year. There is no doubt that in the next days to come over the next year we will encounter trying days. However, we are given the time to fall off the bike and skin our knees ... as well as the time to get back on and learn to petal ... By the end of the year I hope each of us will be biking downhill with our arms in the air screaming, I DID IT! With focus, the belief in ourselves, and a smile on our faces each of us can make the impossible, possible ...