Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What does Oprah and Michaela and Chris Rodriguez have in common? Well, besides each are outstanding, heartfelt individuals that lead a life of example ... they will all three be on the same stage, sharing the same camera ... date to be announced!


So set your Tivo (or VCR if you live in a house like mine) or sneak off early to watch her segment ... again, date to be announced!

The part I love most about this segment is Michaela's enthusiasm before the show. Mic loves Oprah; reads her magazine, visits her website daily, incorporates some of her ideas into her world ... and she always wanted to be at some time in her life, in Oprah's presence. When the opportunity would arise for tickets to the show, or even an opportunity to be featured, Michaela would jump at the chance! She took chances, she believed, and in the end it more than paid off for her. One of her dreams came true because she always pursued, and her hopes turned into reality because of perseverance and lack of disbelief. I encourage you to look at this segment not just as a woman and a man being interviewed, but as an inspirational family who lived out a dream.

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