Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to the New Year

A new year has just begun. A time of hope, transformation, healing, clean slates. My hope is that each of us take a moment to step back and truly understand that we have a fresh start ahead of us, if we choose to take the leap of faith and believe in ourselves.

I keep a secret counter on my wrist watch, like James Bond style, and on New years eve alone I was asked 17 times what my new years resolutions were to be for the year to come. Interesting, to say the least, was the amount of times this question presented itself. More interesting was my answer in response. For the year of 2009 I choose not to make the traditional resolutions as many will attempt to do. Instead, I am planning a new approach.

Each month for the year of 2009 I will be attempting to add to my life in some way; Jessica and I sat down this past Saturday night and listed what each of us wanted to get out of each month this year. The title is simple: Making the Impossible, Possible. The work is not going to be easy. The payoff is going to be great. I am daring each of you to do the same. Make a list of what to achieve each month; for example, for the month of April I want to "give back to Mother Earth". During April I want to explore nature, as well as give back. I want to go for hikes, plant flowers, trees, appreciate the beauty around me in nature and what it can provide for my soul and spirit.

The purpose of "Making the Impossible, Possible" is turning my life into what I want it to be. Resolutions can be broken, and there is not much hard feeling or guilt. In fact, the laughing joke tends to be what resolutions were actually kept ... but in making a list committed to making our lives improve, this allows us the freedom and forgiveness to explore our lives, and what we truly want to achieve and gain in the new year. There is no doubt that in the next days to come over the next year we will encounter trying days. However, we are given the time to fall off the bike and skin our knees ... as well as the time to get back on and learn to petal ... By the end of the year I hope each of us will be biking downhill with our arms in the air screaming, I DID IT! With focus, the belief in ourselves, and a smile on our faces each of us can make the impossible, possible ...


  1. GOD you are such a fantastic writer! i LOVE reading your inspirations, your thoughts, your ideas, your goals, and aspirations! you inspire me to better a better person, mom, wife, daughter, granddaughter, etc..... you provide with such wisdom that i no one else provides me, you provide me with hope that i can improve my inner-self, my well-being, my mind, and body! although i would love to post back with a response to what you had said, it will in no way compare or inspire those that would read it!!!!!! there is no comparison to what you say and to what i say... you provide everyone around you a glimpse of hope and inspiration that good is yet to come, that their lives can turn around............ that there is always hope and that they have the ability to make good things happen! you inspire me everyday i read your postings.... you inspire me every time i talk to you! you've inspired me since the first day i meet you!

  2. I love our title to our goal list! I am glad we made it that is for sure! I am going to try and make the impossible ...possible everyday if i can!