Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Change our Minds = Increase our Serendipity!

I read an article today because the attention grabber on the email declared: Chance encounters aren't necessarily accidental; in fact, you can make your own luck by opening yourself up to the world. And no, I am not a ‘sucker’ for ‘catchy’ marketing phrases; I know that’s what you all were thinking – Chrissy, the gullible one! This phrase grabbed my attention because it made me think. I thought to myself about all of the chance encounters that have happened to me just this morning! Then I thought about all of times I have blamed things on luck and began to feel foolish. Do not mistake me, anyone who knows me well knows I am a firm and true believer in serendipitous moments; and when you think about it, serendipity and chance encounters are practically holding hands.

As the statement implies, you can make your own luck by opening yourself up to the world around you. However, how many of us actually do that? I for one find myself wanting to believe I am this happy go lucky, on top of the world, in charge of my own fate type of a gal; but after the tequila wears off I feel negative, and at times cynical by some of the cards I feel were dealt my way. When moments in life happen, of both the good or bad nature, that I find no rational answer to, I find myself chalking it up to, “must have been time” or, “not my time”, or “time to deal with it.” What is this time that we speak of? In that sense I mean, I thought this ‘time’ belonged to us? If that is the case, why are we not making the most of it?

I found myself not only reading the article, but printing a copy and highlighting the key phrases – such as: “Lucky people create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives. If luck means being in the right place at the right time, then being in the right place at the right time is actually all about being in the right state of mind.” I read this phrase and I felt both enlightened and inspired!

Change our minds = Increase our Serendipity!

Take the time to read the article; I am certain it will capture your attention as much as mine and for the next thirty days (like it suggests) conduct your own experiments; I know today is just the starting point for me! I hope you implement the suggested keys to success; I will be interested to know if your luck increases by the 40% on average! After all, you cannot fail at this … you can only improve your chances!

[I wanted to have the four key principles on the site for easy reference, so I borrowed them from Ben Sherwood and added my own flavor underneath; however, dig deeper into Sherwood’s words and I think within sentence one you will already be changing your “luck”: ]
Prepare your mind:
Change your thought rational. Change your thinking. Leave chance encounters preparing yourself for the good to happen, and in turn prepare your mind to receive it.
Give chance a chance:
Simply put, explore your world! Pursuing an active life opens up a breading ground of possibilities!
If you don’t you will be too overwhelmed, uptight, anxious, distracted …. And these emotions may be the reason why you walked past money on the ground or missed the opportunity to speak to someone in a bank lobby.
Build your network of luck:
I think this meant to have, “Plan B: Life’s Discussion” at the end of it! Seriously, engage with each other, either on this blogsite, in person, on the phone, or backpacking across Europe … but with each day try to meet new people. Make smiling a habitual routine!

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  1. Girl, you are looking all around you and seeing what you have already seen, doing what you have already done! Think on that for a long moment.

    We are creatures who already KNOW, but we forget. So, we must relearn. Read the book "The Celestine Prophecy", if you haven't already.
    Then let me know what you're thinking.
    Love, Karen