Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seesaw of Emotion

When I started Plan B in the early fall of last year I was fueled by listening to an inner voice that wanted to challenge the affects we have in the lives of ourselves, and those around us. I was at a place when I was searching for a meaning of more, and listening to those around me who were also wanting more. Yet, each of us felt they we were at a standstill in our presence on this terrain.

What evolved from meetings in a hotel lobby bar is what you read today: Plan B, Life’s Discussion. I looked around me in the eyes of friends, and then I looked in the mirror myself, and I began to understand that what I was seeing was fear. Fear that we may have missed our opportunity of a golden sunrise. Fear that we would forever be stuck in this mundane existence of living out our legacy by settling; whether in our relationships, our careers, our choices, or merely put our continuations. I listened to you tell the stories of wanting to move to the next chapter in your lives, yet not certain on how to get there, and defiantly at a loss for resources. In order to make a difference, Plan B was going to have to provide assets of the mental and spiritual nature that could assist in unlocking creativity, provide a springboard to new heights, and give you a challenge in many facets of your lives. Since its birth, I have heard stories of how Plan B has in fact made such a difference; it has implemented a change in your lives … causing you to think, to step outside yourselves, and to approach life from a different logic. A logic that encompasses risk, bravery, and a notion of attempt.

Lately I had a reminder of how when we are growing and changing we often go from one extreme to the next before we can find balance. My life the past couple of weeks has been a whirlwind of emotions, from being high in the clouds with bliss to feeling lost and confused over proceedings that seem to be unraveling. The bliss part was easy. In fact I think it would be safe to accuse the majority of you to also deal well when bliss is embracing us. However, if my theory is correct then the following hypothesis is true: When faced with bliss, we prepare ourselves for disaster for we are more equipped to handle the bad than the good.

Let’s Play Scientist: observation and calculation

FEELINGS: I saw myself caught up with emotions. My heart was skipping a beat, I was glowing, and I felt like I was floating on air …. A part of me was embracing the moment, relishing in the notion that skipping around like a giddy school girl was appropriate behavior ….

DOUBT: I heard myself utter the phrase countless times … when is the other shoe going to drop. Not only did I utter, I wrote it, I mumble it, hell, I autographed my future best selling book entitled, “Well, when is it?”

DEFEAT: And within an instant of signing my Herby Hancock other events started to transpire that let to the next phrase, I knew it …. I let my negative side come to surface and play a role in my life. I sat feeling defeated …

RESULTS: Ah, that’s the beautiful part … I get to determine that. I can be plagued with doubt and defeat, and surrender to the negativity that faces me. Or, I can make a choice to use the tools I speak of in Plan B to change my thinking.

CONCLUSION: We have had events in life that have led us to become distrustful and to seek out the negative in a situation. We put up barriers and roadblocks, for we know what to do when the negative happens, and we have learned how to mange, prevent, and treat those happenings in our lives. We have grown to expect more negative than positive; not only do we expect it, but … and prepare yourself for what I am about to suggest …. We seek it. We seek out negative because it fits in our comfort zones. When we are happy, and positive, we tend to feel uneasy and uncomfortable because we are having doubts … we are feeling uneasy because we doubt ourselves and our ability to deserve pleasure in our lives. We are feeling uncomfortable because the pleasure is so good we fear it will go away, and therefore we in a sense send it away.

Each day is a choice; each day can be a struggle or an opportunity. Some days you will struggle, you will be in the extreme of emotion searching for an outlet. You are going to have days that are going to block your positive thinking. These days are going to try to defeat you and take away your bliss, your glow, your skip in your step. There is no preventing them … they will come. But my dear readers, if you take anything away from Plan B, know this … you already have the tools and resources inside of you to overcome life’s challenges. You must believe in your power; you have control of your course … you can follow the detour signs and get lost somewhere in “How-Did-I-Get-Here-Ville” or … you can read the manual on how to work your inner GPS system and navigate your way back to the main road. Either way, you get to make this choice in your life. And as you decide you will find that there will be a seesaw between your emotions until you find your balance, until you find your way. Use that time to grow and discover, and I think you will find you have had this power all along … Plan B only helped to push away the doubt and unleash the power within.


  1. Yes when everything is going right, you just don't know how to act because usually in the end we are all disappointed.
    It's always easier to prepare yourself for the worst, because most of us never expect the BEST. No matter what the choice is you are making you always figure out the downside to everything and usually they out way the good in a PRO & CON conclusion so then you just go ahead and say it's a bad idea and stick in your comfort zone. Why we do it? Who the hell knows.

    If I can get past that...line between those two things, I might actually be able to adjust. Just hard easier to fear the bad, then to rejoice in the good.

  2. This is by far the best blog to date! I may be a little bias considering this hits WAY too close to home for "comfort" but it's the slap in the face that I desparately needed! I was just having a conversation with a certain someone about how jaded I have become. After the events of the last year of my life my ability to trust is next to nothing. As some know I have met a very special person. Mr. "Too Good To Be True." I too am waiting for the other shoe to drop, and yesterday felt it did becuase instea dofg looking at the current situation positively I could not believe that a person so wonderful could be interested in me! Thank you for opening my eyes to the positive side of things!

  3. I love this, because I have been battling with this whole negativity problem for years and did not realize it until August 2008. Things in my personal life were going great, but everyone and thing around me were falling apart. I found myself surrounded with negative thoughts about the negative things that happen in life to people that don't deserve them. I used to be the positive ray of sunshine and comfort that people came to for a shoulder to lean on or just an ear to listen, but after having some much negative weight placed down on my shoulders I felt like I sank into a pool a quicksand and my head was the last thing remaining. It took one of the most negative and rude people that unfortunately is in my life to say to me "If you can't be positive to yourself and others then just don't come around because your negativity is halting our growth." I was apalled by this statement and really defensive. After a few weeks I finally realized that she wasn't trying to be her typical rude self, but she was just speaking the truth. After much self evaluation I try to keep everything in my life positive and when the negative things start piling up I take the time to sit back and reflect on the positive that all of these negatives may bring. Thank you for sharing Chrissy. This one hit home for me!