Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All it Takes is One Choice

Recently I read an excerpt from the book, “Charging the Human Battery”, by Mac Anderson. In this excerpt he provides insight to the quote by Mary Blochowiak, in which she said, “You are always only one choice away from changing your life.” Now if you happen to be similar to my thinking, then at this very moment you are shaking your head yes, thinking about your dreams, and which one choice you could make today to pursue such thoughts. Then, if you are still like me, in the same round of thoughts, this snake of doubt slithers into your mind and puts a halt on your “choice” production and lands you in the leading role in the “field of unspoken pursuits.”

What makes us doubt our dreams? Fear is a major one. Change another. But these are all things in which we know. We know that we hold back from some of our true ambitions in life, and the sad part is that we have grown comfortable maintaining this existence. We talk constantly about the hardships we face in life, but how many of us actually step outside our chatter boxes to plant seeds of hope and encouragement? Reading Plan B, or other self promoting material, is a good step – but when is the last time you implemented what you are reading into your daily lives? If it sounds like I am being hard on you, I am. But, you are not alone. I am being hard on myself, and each who make a choice to read this column. I want us to really get that we make the choices - I want us to remember what it feels like to want more AND chase after it. I am tired of sitting on the sidelines as the clouds pass by. Wondering if my opportunities already came and went and I never attempt to be at bat. I would rather swing and miss, than to not play at all. I would rather have mixed emotions than not feel at all. I would rather try and fail that always wonder what if ….

Tonight or tomorrow, when my words are still fresh in your memory and the chain reaction of your thoughts are spinning in your mind, I challenge you to dig deep into your psyche and remember what your ambitions were, are, and are yet to be. I challenge you to write a letter to a very critical player – yourself. In this letter, write to the different selves of your eras – past, present, and future. Think deep about what you want each to know. Do you want to forgive your past self for what could be holding your present self back? Does your present self need some words of encouragement? Maybe your future self needs hope for the tomorrows ahead. Whatever you are feeling, thinking, composing, constructing, creating --- let yourself know there is a world of possibilities … Give yourself forgiveness, advice, and most of all the option of choice.
Mac Anderson finished that particular piece with these words, “So never forget that you are only one choice away from changing your life. Do you have the courage to make it?”

Well, do you? Ask your future self. You will know the answer.

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