Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am going to give you a topic ...

Talk amongst yourselves ...

I am going to try a new thing with Plan B to shake things up a bit and get the creativity flowing. I am going to begin posting random questions - you won't know when, so check back often. I want to see some discussions taking place. Feel free to express yourselves, there is no right or wrong answers here - however, I may throw in a pop quiz if the urge strikes me. The point of this is to give you some insight to what you may have hidden back and beyond. To open a path to the creativity that lies inside. The more you discover, the more you grow ... and we all know what happens when a little rain falls ... everything blooms, and life is renewed. Have fun with it, unlock some thoughts and dig deep ...

What would you attempt, if failure would not be an option? Would you attempt if failure could be?


  1. Maybe the question should be this, what is failure?
    1. Failure is not trying at all, when you have the time, the ability, the resources.
    2. Failure is a word, which ultimately means, this one thing did not work. Try again.
    3. Failure is a lack of faith that something that wasn't, can be.

    Maybe failure should be eliminated from our life's dictionary, and then any thing we attempt, should just be called experience, a step on the path of our existence. Is it a "failure" if in one relation, you learn what not to do in the next? Or is it growth?

    Just some thoughts.

  2. Being happy! That's my mission. And, even though being happy sounds like it doesn't take that much takes more than you know. Everyday we struggle to maintain "happiness". We say our kids make us happy but, in saying that is it just the moments of life when we think about not having them with us? Because when my kids are with me I just need a break (lol) But, on a serious note...I struggle to feel happy everyday. I have certain moments that are created when I feel exceptionally awesome but, then there are times I am so down and I don't know why. So, if I could attempt anything and it would not fail...Happiness would definitely be it. I would still try to be happy no matter what even if it meant not being happy everyday, it's what I strive for. It's one of those pleasures I seek out of life!

  3. First off, great idea and great first question! I would attempt to be a professional singer. It's always been my passion since I was a toddler in diapers! I was in choir from 5th grade until I graduated high school, and always felt most comfortable when I was on stage. You get to be whomever you choose to up there. It's such a sense of freedom! If I still had the voice and the talent I had growing up, I would definitely go for it... what do you really have to lose in that situation, right?! But unfortunately I do not have that voice and talent now as an adult, and so I sit on the side lines and watch others revel in the spotlight. My only stage now is in my car, and the "fans" are just other motorists caught in the crosshairs of my "Scuttle-like" notes as I belt out my favorite songs with the windows down and the radio up!

  4. If failure weren't an option I would have loved to be a professional dancer, the classy type like a ballerina in a huge theater. However like Robyn stated as I grew older my body would not allow me to continue with my dream as the pain and surgeries would continue for many years if I had continued in that path. So I too sit in theaters, watch movies, and study the history of dance. It's beautiful to me!
    In my life today something that I feel strongly about, but the fear of failure stops me, is running my own business or becoming an executive of a company. People make so many excuses for not being able to do something out of fear or laziness who knows, but most of the time the excuse is made to appear like it is out of the individuals control. People don't like to take ownership in their failure. It's a hard thing to do, kind of like being slapped in face. I'm not afraid to say that I will probably never run my own company because I wouldn't put the financial risk on myself or my new family. My family has struggled their whole lives with money and I want to be the first that overcomes this family tradition. So in that respect failure is not an option for me. If I were to lose my job today I would not sit on the couch and wait for something to fall in my lap, it wouldn't happen. I would submit my resume everywhere and in the mean time take up a serving job to keep the bills paid and maybe then act own my dream to run my own company. This is one aspect that I will not accept failure with, I would not feel sorry for myself I would learn from my experiences and grow as a person. Now the question for myself, is why do I let fear get in the way of other dreams that I have. Why do I accept failure for some things, but not others. Every person is different. We all live in separate worlds except we share a common atmosphere. No two people are exactly the same and I love that quality and freedom that life gives us! I cherish it daily and along with the fact that no body is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Just get up and dust yourself off and then try again with the knowledge you learned from your failure.