Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saying Goodbye

They say its takes a moment to say hello and a lifetime to say goodbye.

Tonight I sat in my son's room and rocked him to sleep for the last time in the only house he has ever known. The house that I brought him home on that terrifying, joyous Saturday afternoon when he weighed nine pounds. He looked at me for comfort as his eyes adjusted to the newness of his world around him. The house that provided him warmth on the cold winter nights, with Christmas lights and carols being sung by his mother who likes to transform the cozy home into a winter wonderland. The house that felt his first steps take place, as he wobbled across the living room floor to meet me in an embracing hug in the door frame of entrance. The house that hosted his baptism gathering, Easter egg hunts, birthday extravaganzas, play dates, family time, movie nights, laughter, and a whole lot of love. The house that was his home ... our home.

As I rocked him tonight I told him of how a home is where the heart is, and my dearest son, my heart is always with you. Whether he knew it or not, it was I tonight who looked at him to provide comfort. I always look to him. As I say goodbye to our home, I am reminded that no matter where we go, or where we live - no matter if the day is bad or good - no matter what the circumstance, or occasion ... he houses my heart. For that, saying goodbye to the home where I rocked him so many of a night, is a little easier knowing that the best part of this home travels with me ... always.

Saying goodbye is never easy; the hardest part is letting go and remembering you take the good with you. In this column I want to ask you - what do you take with you? At the end of the day who lights your world? Where do you find refuge, solace, and comfort? We could all use a little reminder that the faucets in our lives that "house" us, no home makes. It is with the ones we love the most - whether they are living right down the hall, or half way across the world. Be they family, friends, or memories we hold dear. Whether you are saying goodbye to a home, a job, loved ones, a relationship ... Reach out and say goodbye to the frustrations of the day, say goodbye to the harshness of the world, say goodbye to the obstacles in life and gain so much more by letting the love around you shelter you from the storms, and house the beautiful memories of today. Those memories stay with you always. They give you strength, and hope. They allow you to see the beauty of the adventure that awaits. No one can take them from you, and forever you can relive and let a smile light your way.

Saying goodbye is not easy, and forever it may take ... but each day is journey to a better a world around you. And today I ask you to take a walk down memory lane and get ready for your adventure that awaits you tomorrow. Take the best part with you ... and create your "home". Say hello each day to the adventure knocking at your front door ... and goodbye to no longer ignoring the knock.

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