Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Topic of today ...

Beauty is a point of view.

For me it is a sunset, surrounded by sand and water, streaming colors radiating from the end of the day.
The sound of the guitar creating the piece, In Your Atmosphere, and hearing the lyrics sung by Mr. John Mayer ... okay, who am I kidding ... any song done by that man is beauty in true form.
The taste of my grandmother's cooking on a Sunday afternoon where if I am lucky, I get to silently witness the love that exists between my grandparents as they do the dishes and think no one is watching.
The taste of a margarita and BBQ during a summer evening surrounded by friends and loved ones ... sharing humor such as how I can write "a" margarita, yet not end the evening with anything under cinco ...
The sound of contagious laughter coming from my son as he starts and ends my days with the full exhibit of beauty that encompasses each ....

Your turn: Describe one or more moments of beauty in your life.

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