Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Every year for memorial day weekend the friends and I rent a condo down at lake of the Ozarks (or hotel rooms) and do it up big! Between the adventures in party cove, to the table dancing at Topsiders, there is rarely a time when laughter is not heard and fun is not had. Its a weekend away from our "adult" lives and a time to relax, have fun, and not worry so much.

This year for the first time in five years we will not be going to the lake. Blame it on the economy, blame it on the lack of funds; but mostly I blame it on our moods. Each of us (whether you are in this weekend getaway click or not...) have had a trying year thus far. We have lost loved ones, jobs, changed careers, moved, dealt with heart ache and battle, been fronted with fear and change, and at times ... we have wrestled depression. Nope, I did not put that lightly because I am not going to sugar coat reality. We have hurt, some of us still are hurting, and the year is yet to be half over.

There is, however, the half full theory. Suffering precedes satisfaction; I heard this the other day when it seemed I needed to hear it most. Do you have things like that? A phrase, or a quote? A song, or a poem? A photo, or a scent? Something that just snaps you out of Gloomville and allows you to see that by far is all lost. Sure, we are having momentary setbacks; but can we not view these setbacks for what they truly can be if allowed?
And what is that oh wise Chrissy?
I am glad you asked! They are: Opportunities!
Don't miss out on your saving grace because you are too involved in hurt that you neglect to see the joy.

This weekend, although we are not going to be at the lake - we still made a promise to each other and that was to be together. Equipped with our tanning oil, sunglasses, and good times in a bottle we are heading out to a friend's home for the weekend where we will spend it in sunshine, laughter, and the company of amazing friends. It is not where you go that determines your happiness, it is who you are with. As you kick off your summer fun - look at your pina' coloda glass next to you ... although half way gone, all it takes is a good friend (or friends...) to fill it back up ... Cheers!

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