Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scum Fest VI anyone?

Don't pay too close of attention to the title: Scum Fest VI is about to commence this Saturday, May 30th and I am inviting (pretty much demanding) that you attend. Reason? Chris' band, Disturbing Lou, will be featured and I for one cannot wait to see them rock.

Doors open @ 4pm - you can check out the info my clicking on the link of the venue:
Firebird St. Louis

And for those who don't know Chris ... well, let me tell you this kid has it all -- that rare talent that you feel certain is going to change the face of music someday. He can capture an audience and has a vivid, inspirational imagination that fans the flames of new lyrics .... lyrics that seem to impact whatever mood you are in -- and heighten it! He is Thomas music teacher (the proof stands with little "T" rockin' like a rock star ...) and he is not only friends of our family -- he is part of it. Both him and Courtney ...
Courtney (his beautiful, amazing) girlfriend and him have been apart of Thomas and my life for about three years now. She in her own right is one of the most solid, down to earth, well accomplished young women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She has a sense of spirit that is breathtaking, and a beauty about her that is defined and natural - both on the outside, and in. Without either of them I would not be half of the person I am today. Without them, and about twenty other people along the way ...

Besides doing a little PR for Disturbing Lou and confessing the love I have for a band mate and his girl, there is a bigger meaning to this week's column. Sparked with the old phrase "People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime", I cannot help but seem captivated by all three. Each play an intricate role in building and shaping our lives. Each fulfilling the purpose of enrichment. We view some has hardships, regrets; however, we tend to focus on the negative impact and not the positive one yet to be, or currently being had. Reasons and Seasons encompass us every day - a smile from a stranger and I tend to smile right back - a professor who pushed and I tend to be grateful ...

... then there is the Lifetime. Those who capture our hearts and once done, will never be separated. Not time, not distance. These people, these moments, these steps of fate complete the world around us and make us reach for higher heights. Each entanglement bringing us fulfillment and insight, wisdom and grace, beauty and empathy. I have been fortunate enough to have people like Chris and Courtney in my life that allow me the opportunity to better myself by watching Thomas while I attend school, or study, or see a therapist, or play softball, or just have a night off from motherhood. Not only that, but I have been blessed to have these two in my life not just as sitters, not even friends, but an instant a part of our family that we cherish beyond imagine.

I have a web of brilliance such as that in my life -- and I wont start naming them all, but I am certain that you know who you are. I try to tell you as much and often as I can how much I love you - how much I appreciate the person you are and the role you play in our lives - how much I value our friendship and the beauty it adds to my world ... I try to encourage you, push you to higher heights, see the best in you and let it out for the world to see ... Besides being the best mother I can be, I hold myself to a high standard with being the best person I can be and a great part of that is maintaining solid friendships, and showing those around me the value they add to each pathway they take.

Watching Chris' band play is more than the music -- its standing in the crowd, screaming and cheering Disturbing Lou on -- showing that with the support of your friends around you, there cannot be failure ... you already succeeded in the value of a lifetime, the rest is icing on the cake.

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