Monday, June 29, 2009

Article posts

... In the articles section there are a few additions you may find inspiring: In my email there was delivered a few great pieces that I thought I would share with you.

212 Degrees water Boils:
- a short "inspirational" clip on the faith to believe in the possibilities with just a little effort. It talks about how water is hot at 211 degrees, but at 212 it boils - the difference is just that one degree! Just one degree!! Makes me want to write mad libs in the fogged up mirror of life!

Don't be Afraid to Embrace Change:
- Read it. Period. You'll thank me later for showing you the piece that may change your life!

Advice from a Loser: "Ah-Ha" Moment:
- Julie Hadden was on the show "The Biggest Loser". Since then, in a majority of her interviews, the question arises again and again - What was your "Ah-Ha" Moment? She talks about the facts of her life before loosing the weight, and not allowing her fear to control her any longer. I love her opening quote she used, "Until the pain of where you are becomes greater than the pain of will not change." This article is more than a piece of inspiration - its a motivator!

Inspiring Commencement Speakers:
From Tom Brokhaw's words of, "You’ll not get a Google alert when you fall in love. You may be guided by the unending effort of poets and artists, biologists and psychiatrists to describe that irreplaceable and still mysterious emotion so essential to the human condition but all the search engines in the universe cannot replace the first kiss. " to Dr. Buzz Aldrin who spoke, "Perhaps this “best and worst of times” foreshadows some fork in the road. But my belief is that humanity as a whole has the inherent wisdom to choose life. Again and again, we abide calamity, gather the pieces, and set out once more on our unyielding journey—an imperfect people of irrepressible spirit, of mathematics and music, of love and wonder, who dare to dream of reaching the stars." ... each of the speeches in this article will no doubt leave you with something to think about in hopes of through the power of words, inspiration may be left.

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