Saturday, June 27, 2009

Embracing Risk Can Lead to Bliss

Life takes you by surprise when you least expect it. You think you may have it figured out, and then like a hurricane force it switches course and throws you into a whirlwind of before thought and aftermath. You read Plan B not for the witty, brilliant author who grips you in thought, but for the enormity that you hope can, with just one word, steer you into a direction you have been searching for.

But what if that direction is the course you are already on? Yet you doubt, you don't trust, you question. I cannot tell you what you don't already know; I cannot be a profit or a life line. What I can tell you is that through risk and chance, faith and trust, what is currently surrounding you can deliver what you need on your expedition - if you allow it to take hold.

When I named this website Plan B I was at a point in my life where I was prepared to admit that Plan A had already come and gone; but as I converse to you through my weekly discussions I grow as a person. My soul calms; my thoughts turn into what you examine each week in hopes that I can inspire change in your direction … inspire you to have the “ah-ha” moment that Plan B will only be if you allow it. If you doubt, and turn your direction, switch quadrants, you will never experience what Plan A had in store for you. Instead you will continue Plan B in search of fulfillment, but be met with an empty hand and a heavy heart. Each day is a choice to live Plan A. When you succumb to the negative thoughts, the fear, you risk forever living Plan B.

And what exactly is that risk? The risk that you may regret. The risk that you may find yourself wondering … in your calling, your relationships, your opportunities, your life … what if that chance was taken, with faith and optimism …

So my adventurous readers; take an inventory of what currently molds your life. How this inventory adds to your life, or takes from it. How it makes you want to strive for more, or holds you back. How it gives more than it takes. As you search for the answers remember this: your shelves are stocked with an array of relationships, choices, emotions, and thoughts. Believe in the ones that allow you to believe in yourself; trust in the ones that give you courage; embrace the ones that you don’t want to regret.

… Embrace so that you risk. You venture. You try. The worst case scenario is that your destiny leads you into a different direction where you are able to continue to discover new heights, and new sights. When viewed from that angle, my hope is that you can see the beauty in living with conviction that through effort, chance, and determination to embrace, life works. Plan A is lived. And from that manuscript, you may be amazed at what new found bliss lies in store for you. A bliss that encompasses truth, conviction, and the effort to dare to try. Plan B is simply a motivator to give you the courage to believe in Plan A ... if you are ready to see how it plays out in the next scene. Life does not have an intermission … it continues with or without your effort.

Do you dare to wonder what if? Or ready to believe it could be worth the risk?

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