Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seek answers Covered in Rain

As a kid we are notorious for asking questions; curious and inquisitive of the wonders of the world, and wanting to know the how, the why, and every detail in-between. We don’t hold back or tip-pi toe around a subject – we seek more – no response is ever good enough - each answer leaves us with wonder and delight, and the thirst to know more ….

Take for example: The Rain.

Late spring is here and for weeks we have been dealing with the almost daily occurrence of spring showers, and chaotic storms. Yesterday for example on the 12th floor here at the office I thought that at any moment I would see the “Wicked Witch of the West” riding her broomstick in a funnel cloud. Within 30 minutes of dark clouds, limited visibility, the rolling of thunder and the swaying of the turbulent winds … the storm was gone and the sun shown through the blue skies once again.

This morning during our commute the sun was once again hidden by a rainy drizzle, and Thomas was showing his inquisitive nature:
“Why is it rainy Mommy?”… Cause God has a sense of humor when it comes to the morning commute …
“When is it going to stop?”… Not until I have yet another bad hair day …
“Why does God make it rain?”… This one I converted into serious mode …

“The rain is nature’s way of cleansing. With each drop that comes down, it washes away the ugly and brings a sense of renewal. It’s a balancing act – in order to have the sunny days and the beauty that entails each, we must also have the rain that provides the nourishment for such days. That’s nature my love.”

His response?


When did we stop asking why? Was it around the time we discovered things were not as they seem? (Santa Claus? … enough said) Or maybe it was around the time we lost our innocence? Or even yet, when we had our heart broken for the first time?
I know for me it was when I could not come up with the answer any more.
…. Like when your high school sweetheart walks away and you ask why, but are left with an empty response.
…. Like when you struggle with your inner demons and you ask why, but they continue to haunt you.
….. Like when you cannot sleep for the fifth night in a row because your past seems to be taking over your present, and you ask why, but you continue into night six.

Each occurrence like these left me more cynical to the world around me. Eventually I became content with tucking away the tough questions of life, and not needing an answer - pretending that maybe it was better off not asking. Even now I ask why and I am ashamed to admit, but I host a disdainful humor … however … there is that inner voice, that whisper of childhood innocence, that pleads for an answer – searching, longing, with an urge of desperation to know. Despite the brave face we sometimes show the world, each of us have that inner child that is searching for answers, and with those answers a sense of understanding, a sense of hope, a sense of peace with the yesterdays of storms in our lives.

I gave Thomas that answer to rain, because when I was a little girl I too wanted to know where rain came from and why … the adults would tell crazy one liners to stop the asking of my questions – like, it’s bowling in heaven or the angels crying. I was never content with these responses so I began to do my own research, shift through the evidence, and come up with my own conclusion. When I was 12 was when I concluded rain could wash away the dirt that can accompany life. I still remember looking out my bedroom window and being certain that the purpose of rain was to cleanse, to restore beauty, to give way to a fresh perspective of the balance of life …
A cleansing that provides restoration and perspective if you are brave enough to dare attempt to allow your inquisitive nature to once again enter your life and take you on a journey of discovery. A journey that at most times is a process of discovery, a quest of truth and not always a slight drizzle. The answers you find might take you by storm, evoking monsoons of tidal waves, crashing of emotions that take out more beauty than what they leave behind. However you shelter from this storm – be it with your umbrella of optimism or boarded up windows of fear – know that at some point it will be over. As we step through the rain clouds in our lives, we need to be reminded that sunny days outnumber the dark clouds …. If we are honest with ourselves we can sort through the answers (emotions) and upon doing so we will find true nature at work. True balance. True meaning. True comfort in the hope of tomorrow, in the meaning of today, and the purpose of our past.

Rain … its nature’s way of cleansing. Washes away the ugly and when the storm is over, there is no doubt you will see the sunshine and even, just maybe, if you are looking hard enough, if you are searching for more, wanting to discover, needing a reason … you may come across that rainbow in the sky, shimmering below the sun, just above the clouds … and in that instant, you may take off your rain boots, splash in the puddles, drench yourself in the earth's abundance and ask yourself, “Why?” ...

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