Monday, August 3, 2009

Songs for Thought

As you might have already stumbled upon, there is a new addition to Plan B - "Songs for Thought". This link takes you to a collaboration of songs that I have found interesting, moving, motivating, and some that are just fun to sing. For example, "Love your Love the Most" is a song my son and I sing in the car, with the windows down, at the top of our lungs. Music in general is a favorite past time of mine; the lyrics, the guitar strings, a good old acoustic version of just about anything ... The way music can incorporate a change and strike a cord in life is a beautiful avenue to explore. I hope you take time to listen; not just what I have composed, but your own soundtracks in life. Embrace the way the movement of a song can shed light, shed tears, and bring a smile to a new day.
Turn the speakers up, slide across the floor in your socks, and let it take hold.

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