Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer of Love at Rooftop

Not the summer of love back in ’69 in 'ol San Fran – nope. Sorry to disappoint. But still a summer of love all the same! At my home church of Rooftop we are in the middle of our current series, “the Summer of Love”. And this one has true meaning, value, and an impact to cherish for a lifetime.
The fact that I am pushing 36 hours into a regular day has been catching up with me, with a vengeance. Call it “Monday” blues on a Sunday but yesterday I sat in my car, of Rooftop's parking lot, wishing I had not driven there and stayed in bed instead. I was feeling a variety of emotions: lost, distracted, confused, overwhelmed, sad … but as fate would have it I went in, grabbed my coffee, sat down and listened … If ever a sermon was written for me, this was the one. I think it can speak to each of you – and deliver a message that only your heart has been longing to hear. I hope it can calm yours, as it did mine, and make way for new thoughts, new smiles, and new approaches - after all I dare you to see ... a future beyond imagination that lies ahead.
Let me Count The Ways – Part 7 of the Summer of Love Series


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