Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time's a Wastin' - Live the Difference

Tick tock. Tick tock
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Wax on. Wax off.

For some of you this is going to be a reality check, for others, just a reminder. In either case it needs to be mentioned:

The year is more than half over.

For goodness sake … there are only 127 shopping days left until Christmas! If you are like me then you are frantic wondering where the time has gone, and trying to discover some magical way of gaining a few more hours in the day.
And here is a hint: Simply turning back the clock does not work … I don’t care which time zone you live in.

So put down your clocks, your planners, your PDAs and to do lists and just schedule yourself a moment to think – Has this year made a difference in your life?

What kind of difference?

The difference from existing and living.
The difference from being, and being the you you’re meant to be.
The difference from giving, and giving for all the right reasons.
The difference from knowing hurt, and knowing that it will heal.
The difference from having, and giving more than you think you have.
The difference from shedding tears, and still knowing how to smile.

… Each day is an adventure. Each adventure is a learning opportunity. Each learning opportunity is not always seen immediately. Some times all we need is time to see the importance of unanswered prayers, how life flawlessly seems to work itself out. There can be no room for doubt. Living on faith may not come easy, but it can deliver. Day by day. Without failure. If we allow the difference to take residence in our life.

I would not be a true writer of this piece without being completely honest with you; I speak of living in the moment when I am guilty of not always seeing the signs up ahead myself, and missing some of my exits completely. However, I speak so passionately and enthusiastically about life, with the belief that through repetition we learn; and I want the lesson of cherishing the yesterdays of our lives, yet living the moments of today. I want to learn to look back in order to grow from mistakes, but always keeping your eyes straight ahead. I want the lesson of laughing out loud, to inspire and believe, to give this day a chance to make a difference, in every moment of every hour of each passing day.

Some times I fall short of this lesson. I become obsessed with all of the facets that seem to manifest before the difference can be presented in my life, that when it actually shows, I neglect to see the true beauty in it. Take for example the past four weeks of my life; I have rarely been at my current place of habitation besides to shower and sleep. To read my agenda would give you an instant headache, let alone trying to live it. Fitting 36 hours into 24 hour periods is exhausting … as I am sure many of you are doing at this very moment….

But I continue to learn, to re-discover, and apply

This past weekend, I put away the phone, the computer, the communication with the outside world and took my son on a mini-vacation. Consumed with nature walks, pool time, splashing, fun and sun, sandcastle and sculpture, we got back to the basics. From pillow fights to room service – seashells to slushy drinks – we had no agenda. No interruptions. No purpose but to just be … be in the moment – living on laughter, and breathing in enjoyment. Feeling the difference downtime with those you love most can make. Glancing to your side, and seeing life’s worth. Feeling the impact a difference (if allowed) can have, period.

The yesterdays are gone. Time only moves forward. Consume yourself with frustration or simply enjoy life. The difference is yours to make, and to live. Choose wisely as the hour glass is running ….

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