Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Links worth viewing

Break through the fear ... get your right strategy ... what we think is what shapes us, so its time to start thinking differently. The following links, all of which just happen to come to me from Tony Robbins, are worth viewing, and taking in the meaning to apply to your life. They changed my outlook on things ...

Unleash the Power Within - Tony Robbins
- meant to be a marketItalicing video for his upcoming seminar in Chicago, this 12 minute video is packed with inspiration for you to unleash your energy and use your emotion to obtain goals you only dream of.

"Without challenge, adventure is impossible" - The Universe

Strategy - Tony Robbins
- this is a mini movie summing up the strategies session - its meant to awaken you to the fact that life is limitless - success is not only a mindset, its a strategy - find yours!

Need a behavioral assessment? Gain one here - very insightful! (no cheating! ...)
- find your balance, established goals ... and gain solutions!

Interview with the man who made a million in less than a day!
- especially during these economic times, this video is highly inspirational.

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  1. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Creating Power