Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Permission to be Silly Granted: Happy Mad Hatter's Day

What day is it you say? Mad Hatter's Day? Never heard of it, yet intrigued aren't you? Well you should be! It’s a day were you are given "authorization" to grip the fanatical, untamed, inner child like spirit and be impractical for a day.

April fool’s takes place on a solitary spring day and has done so for many of moons. However, with all the silliness in the world these days, society could not afford to be restricted any longer to having the “fool” confined to one zany holiday now could they? To suggest so would be the “silliest thing” of all!! Fortunately, for our sake, Mad Hatter Day was created to fix this tragic slip up in illogicality. Today is a day to celebrate the sanity that is inherent in all that is supposedly crazy, and the craziness lurking in all that is sane … and somehow that all makes sense ...

So grab your attention getting hat, walk out the door, and get to living your Mad Hatter’s Day! Sure people may look at you seemingly for taking the time to recognize and appreciate life’s little absurdities– but its out of jealousy that they are not taking the time themselves – after all, haven’t we earned a day to just be silly? I would think you crazy not to explore all of the possibilities of what today could bring to your life ….

Today at lunch I am going to order diet water, then return to work only to get on the intercom and page myself, not disguising my voice. I will refer to everyone by their nicknames I have given them, say “ding” at each floor the elevator stops at, and babble incoherently at a friend and then say “did you get all of that? Because I don’t want to have to repeat myself.” … besides, if we cannot laugh, what’s the point?

Happy Mad Hatter’s Day!

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