Monday, October 5, 2009

Pop Quiz: Who are you Meant to Be?

Our personalities are built partially on the theory of science; we are wired and programmed with many options, out comings, and approaches - yet through our unique, distinctive personalities we are able to reveal our true colors of behavior. Yet sometimes, often than not, we feel "stuck" on what the next approach to our life is .... recently posted an assessment you can take that delivers to you results on your striving styles, mode of thought, and keys to your behavior that direct and dictate your lives. I took the quiz this afternoon and the results were shockingly accurate: I strive to be in control - a leader. Confident and decisive, I know what I want (although I don't always think so) and I tend to be a lioness in life, especially when it comes to my family and friends. I also scored very high on striving to help: if there is one thing that brings me satisfaction, it's tending to others. As well as striving to be secure - trying to be a rock in other's storms, the one other's can depend and lean on, loyal and committed.
The quiz also revealed traits I need to watch out for: what types of environments are hard for me, practicing letting others take control for a change, and pegged me as a workaholic, slaving away towards success while at times neglecting my personal life - especially my own inner self strength. Interesting to say the least.
Following the assessment there is the "looking ahead" guidance, providing tips and advice on how to break through weak areas and transform our energy. After all, isn't that the first law of thermodynamics? "Energy can be transformed, but cannot be created or destroyed" Something to think about at least ...

Who are you Meant to Be?

Extra credit if you implement the "transformation of energy" part!

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