Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life's Creed, If You Will ...

JP sent me this today ... I find it almost exhilarating, like a creed to follow in the days ahead ... Print a copy, grab a highlighter and start placing sticky notes in strategic places for you to take in the true message and apply it to your stamp on the world around you, and most importantly on the pathway of your days ... even when they suck ... and especially when they do ....

How to be Positive ... When Things Suck

For those who enjoy the more visual realm, as irony would have it this was just delivered into my inbox. What you do today matters... you make a difference ... embrace, create, and leave a legacy to remember.

The Butterfly Effect

Go on .... make a wish. Its a seductive concept ... dream it and you can obtain it ... but that is where true beauty starts. Within a wish, within a dream, within a hope ... a prayer ... a leap of faith ... all that you can imagine in some way can come true.

The Power of Wishful Thinking

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