Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where Will You Be?

An incredible friend and I have this weird and wonderful bond; we tend to be on the same roller coaster in life. When one of us is up, the other is up - when one down, the other... you guessed it... down. We do not plan this is some fashionably way to entertain life; somehow it just seems to play itself out naturally in cosmic twists and turns.

As my column this week mentioned, I am on a transitional adventure. As irony would have it, this dear friend of mine is my constant travel companion. We both hit road blocks at the same time, seem to get indistinguishable detour signs, even go through similar sleeping patterns when matters of existence reflect on our minds. We both have been damaged in relations to matters of the heart. We both used to be in a cynical, jaded place emotionally. Through hurt, pain, and despondency, we held tight to each other as the door to love closed. Throughout financial struggles, days that seem to never end, heartache that sneaks up – we each, without fail, have identical occurrences.

As we mirror each other, she and I talk through our current situations and each remind each other of the leaps and bounds we have grown and accomplished throughout the years. Saying goodbye, rekindling fires, not accepting failure as an option, persuading to continue trying, perseverance, determination …. Smiling even if the world is crashing down, and rejoicing in the yet to be resolute.

After this past year of monumental growth and transition, we are both still eradicating ourselves of the toxins of the past and freeing our minds to make the upcoming year our ‘Carpe Diem’. Exposing the wounds has not be a pleasant experience and we are still discovering the extent of the damage is in need of serious work and repair; but that sass and zest for life we both possess to the very fragments of our being allows us to beam at the opportunity to go through the pain in order to heal and transform. As if a caterpillar in a cocoon is about to be released and the brilliance of colors from the wings of a butterfly soon to appear, our transitional year is soon to come to a close and with it bring in the new days of achievement.

CK: Stop whatever you are doing and download Sister Hazel’s song - Champagne high ... and Honorary Title’s song - Far More ... the lyrics that really struck a chord with me were - Where will I be when I stop wondering why? … I watched a DVR taped One Tree hill this weekend. The episode when Lucas proposes to Lindsey and Peyton is devastated -- the title of it is "please please let me have what I want" ... she goes and sits at her mom's grave and cries... how do I let go? What do I do now? ... I am determined to let it go and move on ... I just don't know how ... any way , I know you appreciate music just as much as I do and as I sit here tonight, listening to the sound of soul and the raindrops fall down - I cannot help but ask "what do I do now?' ...

JP: I ask myself that very same question I think at least once a day. It seems like every day things get a little cloudier right now. I can't wait for the day when it's all clear and we know exactly what it is that we are supposed to do next and exactly what it is that is going to make us happy. Until then......"

CK: and isn't that beautiful part if we truly explore it? Each day we have these clouds, but one day there will come a time when all the clouds will dissipate and the sun will forever shine. Clarity comes with learning ... growing ... discovering ... healing ... and despite our days when the pain is more than we feel we can bare, we are on the right path to our sunshine!! We said it was our year and I still believe that – just instead of the ‘please please let me get what I want’, we were more than overdo for a transition. Sure it came with it leaps, challenges, bounds, and road blocks, but with the growing and healing we must encountered the demons and ghosts, heartache and emotional pain – probably some of the worst we have been through yet. Which leads me to think this exorbitant cleaning process is clearing the toxins … once removed it’s sure to be a fresh start.

In a matter of seven weeks, this year will be behind us. A year that more than once has stopped us dead in our tracks and forced us to think. Emotions are there for a reason, so are words and feelings, life events... you work through them ... grow from them. Some are worse than others, but that is a deeper lesson to be had. APPLICATION of those lessons will be the key. We need this. All of us. Not to say wait until the new year to make your change, but discover today the opportunity you have right before you … Detox this year in preparation of a rejuvenating, breathtaking, it’s our time … each and every … today … tomorrow … and the years ahead!

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