Monday, January 11, 2010

The Break Out Year: 2010

One of my favorite holiday tunes is a song with a line that says, “So this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over … A new one just begun.” 2010 has begun. Time has passed the old and brought in the new. Each day marked is another day that you reach forward, pursing your dreams, ambitions, hopes and wishes. Today I ask you: how far will you reach?

Not just the year, but your life itself holds endless possibilities. And how quickly and rapidly can those possibilities change. From one day to the next there are paths that you create, some that are given, and some that are destined – each holding a distinctive key to unlocking your future. The unexpected might seem dreary now, but is it not the foundation that builds? Meaning, the negative is a consistent factor of life – but can’t it be utilized as a positive to mold your firm grip on life and slingshot you into the now? Into the moment? Into the taking charge, seize the day, make it yours attitude that you need to secure?

2009 was the emergent manifestation of transition.

New Years for me is an enchanting moment. I spend the entire day preparing. Spa time to relax. Shopping for a new dress. Sparkling lotion after a bubble bath, listening to a ecliptic composition of Marc Brussard, Dierks Bentley, John Mayer, and OutKast … followed by two hours of hair and make-up, putting on my shimmering jewelry, high heels and out the door I go … to do what? To watch the ball drop at midnight, champagne glasses toasting, sending love and wishes of happiness to those I adore most, while singing Auld Lang Syne in my best under the influence rock star voice … only to wake up the next day and think … nothing much is different besides the date on the calendar. The day is still that … a day. But this year I woke up with a little different feeling … a little different thought … the day was not just a day, but it was a day to create. A day to imagine. A day to reflect, embrace, enlighten, inspire, celebrate, rejoice, and make memories happen.

Even in my cloudy frame of mind, my moment of clarity on that hangover drive home was so easy to grasp….

If I can devote an entire day in preparation for something that is literally over in a second, what will I devote to the year? How much time and groundwork will I put into making the days count? Making life matter? How far will I reach to achieve what is in my soul? What I am destined to be? How much time will you devote? When life gives you time, what will you make of it?

Have you honestly looked back on the past year, the past five, the past decade even? Reviewed your achievements and even yes, your shortcomings? I want you to grab a notebook, tear out a piece of paper and start answering the following, keeping in mind the past ten years:

List your milestones, regrets, greatest lessons, greatest influences? Overwhelmed already? Don’t stop there, as more are to be asked and answered … I want you to think and list what you believe to be your greatest victories and defeats? If you could go back and do it again, what would you do differently? Are there people you wish you would have loved more expressively and vulnerably? What about a list of regrets in the form of things you wish you did or didn’t do. Can you name your best decisions? How about risks that you have taken? What is your purpose in life? What difference do you wish to make? What do you need to do more of? Less of? Elminate all-together? In review of your answers, do you see a pattern? Or even yet, perhaps, life goals making their existence known?

The above it not intended to be “light material” - it’s heavy, in-depth, and at times maybe nauseating to think of – but it’s a necessity if you are true and honest with yourself about wanting to grow and transition into the year ahead. If you refuse to take note of where you have been, how are you ever going to get to where you are heading? You must understand, love and appreciate what is behind you – it’s the only way to understand, love, and appreciate what is ahead of you. The past year was a milestone in regards that for many it was a transitional year; a transition into the new decade, a clean slate, and the beginning of our conscious realization of the opportunity granted by each and every day, what it has to offer, what it brings to our lives, and what abundance we can take from it.

Carry your sheet of paper with scribbles and notes, answers and clarity, with you for the duration of 2010. Refer to it often. Goals pursued, goals attained. Make notes about the year. Revisions. Lessons learned. Remembrance of where you have been, and bearing on where you are heading. Take note of the lights in your life … as well as the bumps and bruises along the way.

2010 is the Break Out Year.

Time to break out of our cozy, comfort zones. Break out of our fear. Break out of regret, our longing, our excuses, our habits, our lies, our existence of just being and not living. Challenge yourself; question old thought and rationale and implement a serious life change – a change filled with releasing that dormant potential inside of you to radically change the trajectory of your life. The time is now. The clock is ticking. 353 days until the next ball drop … but only a matter of hours until the end of the day. How far are you willing to reach in order to make this year, this month, this week, this day, this hour, this minute, this moment …. A milestone in your life?

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