Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ordained: Your Destiny is but a Moment Away

Fate. Destiny. Serendipitous moments. Life as you know it is indeed the path intended for you to walk. That realization is a hard fact to be presented with, and an even harder fact to grasp the truth of its meaning. We clinch the blissful moments of incandescent elation and we battle the mêlée of challenge. The theatre of war acted out in our lives, the obstacles and trying days, find us crippled and beyond reason – we want to ignore the path of hurt by combating with anger and resentment. Surely these “mishaps” and “misfortunes” and “mistakes” cannot be the life intended for us. But let me assure you of an insight that can at times take a lifetime to realize … these are the moments, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the exultation and the trying, that are indeed our destiny of life. All moments, despite our free will, are times in our life intended for us to lead, to live, to learn from. Sounds irrational don’t it? But that irrational feeling is only us trying to fight the fact that this is indeed fate playing out.

I have a theory on Déjà Vu – I believe it’s the universe’s subtle way of telling us we are in fact exactly where we are supposed to be. This comes to us at times when we doubt our path … our choices … our existence. Truth is, our lives were pre-ordained for us long before we were even a fragment of existence. Each moment, each encounter, each accomplishment, relationship, journey, and happenstance was intended purely for us to face, to endure, to live and most importantly – to give and take from. And even more importantly – to learn from.

When you truly grasp the concept that fate and destiny, despite our free will, is playing out exactly as the director (God) had written the script, it’s a beautiful force of treasure. No longer can we ignore the magnitude of providence, divine intervention if you will. Instead we have a chance, an opportunity to grow in its undertaking. Hurt and pain happen to us; our hearts get broken, our defense mechanisms penetrated, our barriers to our tears torn down – and we swear in that instant that it’s too much to handle, that life is not supposed to be this hard, that the reason, whatever the reason, must be inconsistent with our true paths of life. The bad news? Those times are going to come – more than once in our expedition. The good news? Those times are meant to play a purpose – a greater higher meaning that may take us years, decades, and even yes, a lifetime to understand and figure out.

Now that the news has been delivered, what do we do with the wisdom?

Live. Every moment of our ordained destiny, without fail, hesitation, or reservation. Our journey will have its life changing circumstances, of both extremes; our free will determines how we are able to cope and understand. Our free will allows us to question, to demand answers, to search for meaning – and to apply all of the research, knowledge, and truth to our lives in a manner that gives light on our darkest days and fireworks on our jollity. Does it mean we won’t throw ourselves a pity party here and there? Or scream why? Or demand a re-do? No. We will. More than once, more than a hundred times, we will question – wonder – lack answers and understanding.

But through our search we are delivered our journey – and that pursuit is the very one we were chosen to lead, to explore, to undertake. Within that undertaking we are being guided towards our soul mates, our best friends, our new additions of family, our laughter, our dancing, our toasting, our purpose … every step, will be without fail, one step closer to the next chapter in our lives – a chapter in our novel that was written way before the invention of words. It’s time to turn that page and see how the story turns out. The twists and turns, the mystery, will be intense – but hold on, keep reading, keep living every page and you will find that in the end your story, the one written for you and you alone, was a timeless classic you will only wish to read again. Only this time, with the wisdom that it all does come together with meaning and purpose – the ordained path of our life’s destiny is but moments away from unfolding.

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  1. Nothing more then the truth. Where the winding and at times rough paths we walk will take us no one really knows. Life would be to simple if we had the pieces to our puzzled paths in front of us to view and study.

    Try doing a puzzle one day, put the box upside down before opening so you are unable to see the image and only take one piece at a time from the box.