Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have you Noticed Your Miracle Today?

Recently I was reminded of the magnitude of a miracle, a real life event that has such power it generates an instant awakening of the soul. I had the personal experience to be in a hospital delivery room awaiting the arrival of one of my best friend’s first baby. Throughout the night I helped where I could. She wanted ice chips, I delivered. Jell-O, not a problem. The movie “All about Steve” to calm her nerves – I drove to four redboxes and with no luck dashed to Target and just bought the damn thing. I did the best I could to provide where I could. Not that she was alone, oh no. Her husband, also one of my treasured friends (and my “older brother” in every sense of the word besides the blood line), was attentively at her side.

When I wasn’t on ice chip or red box duty, I was waiting. While awaiting the arrival of the phenomenon of birth, I was watching the couple interact. The love held in the eyes of the husband, as he leans over and kisses her forehead. Pacing from the chair to the monitor, back to her side. Feverish gestures are read on his face – he is concerned about the love of his life, and the baby he and her have created. His wife, in pain and distress – constantly saying to him, “I just want this over”. As I took in the moment of what I was witnessing I remember thinking, they walked into this hospital as a couple, but they will leave a family of three; in the meantime the bond that already exists is strengthening by the power of a piercing, enduring experience that will change the course of their lives as they currently know it … and then, in that moment of clarity, seven hospital staff rushed in, gave direct orders that a c-section was happening, and happening now. With that they were on the way to save the baby. As she left the room, she looked at me – I gestured the ‘you are doing great’ hand motion and mouthed “olive juice” and she in turn gave “olive juice” right back, but I saw the fear in both of their eyes. The unknowing. The confusion. The conjecture.

…. And then, after twenty eight hours of labor, as miracles present themselves … the baby they had been longing for arrived. Healthy, gorgeous, and nestled in their arms. Tears of joy streamed. Smiles were endless. The pain of delivery was over, and now the invaluable incentive was there …

Miracles. During the struggle we don’t always see the end in sight. We try to breathe through the trials and tribulations, praying for it to just be over already, feverishly pacing wondering what else can be done. In the moments we are so consumed with the pain, the waiting, and the “don’t know what to do!” that we don’t always, and cannot always, stop to remember that at some point it will indeed be over. In turn, what we longed for will be there – what pain we went through will be worth it – what suffering had to happen, in turn delivered a marvel that leaves us relieved, basking in the glow.

My point, in case it’s not cut and dry clear: sometimes in life pain and suffering are a necessary component in order to bask in the glory of the true miracles in life. Although they are taxing, they are needed, required, and essential in order to truly appreciate and sustain the beauty in all that is real; in all that makes life worth it. Today I invite you to consider the possibility that the suffering you may in fact at this very moment be facing – in work, at home, with a loved one, with your bank account, in your life goals, at the root of confusion, with the unknowing, in your mind, and in your soul – well, this distress might in fact be there for a reason. Crazy notion perhaps, but if you truly think about the miracles that happen every day around us, and within us, then you can see the reason; and that reason is to produce something so miraculous that it far outweighs time, pain, and vacillation. Reasons such as learning, growing, discovering, building, trusting, understanding … and perseverance in life.

Perseverance that you never give up. You fight through the tenderness of all that is authentic and existing. You push forward, throughout the darkness of night, throughout many nights and into many days if required. Why? Because in the end, when the shade of mar and confusion have lifted, there will be left a vision of life so intense that you will forget every ounce of pain that it took to present itself. A reward so amazing that it changes the course of your life for the superior. A piece of history in your epic moment of time. A piece that you will look back upon and smile … the priceless aftermath is a reality of what true dazzling, bravura, classic life transitions will be had, and are still yet to be had. The delivery of a miracle is chaotic, a mystery, and an intense whirlwind of emotions … that convey to your continuation, to your realism, such euphoria that your only penance is to indeed appreciate the pain necessary to give such light to your world.

Miracles happen every day. Maybe not in the form of angels singing in the background with a full piece orchestra playing, but nonetheless they are there, making life transitions to that in which you know it ... making additions in both tiny and gigantic enormities. Stop for a moment to breath and take yours in.

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