Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life's True Importance

Distractions. Our 21st century world is chalked full of them. Power hungry, wealth chasing, technology addicted, loss of focus distractions. When’s the last time you had a real conversation with someone that did not involve rushing; 17 things left on the to-do list, its past nine at night, and you can’t seem to devote the time that truly needs to be given. How many times have you lost it – screamed, cried, said things you regretted out of frustration; you leave broken pieces in your aftermath, and try to pretend it can heal on its on time. Employing sandbox behavior with a lame attempt at trying to fill your voids with addictions and diversions thinking our consumption of life in this manner can surely give us our needs. When in reality, all of our unfocused, self consumed, intolerant mentality is like a cycle of downward spiral. Sooner or later the veil to the unseen will be lifted – and when we are not distracted anymore, we can find an entirely different world than we know. One of regret.

I’m guilty of becoming lost in my own interference. Working when I should be playing, talking when I should be listening, thinking of the past when I should be moving forward. I get caught up with routine and neglect the spirit of today. When I do stop on my path of overachievement, the guilt is hard to swallow. I become acutely aware of the aftermath of my distraction – of those I have neglected, and worse, those I have pushed away. At some point, we are all guilty of living this way. Becoming lost in our one tracked world, always believing there will be more time … more chances … more opportunities. We live in denial believing the people we put on the back burner will still be there when we want them. We live in denial thinking our choices won’t have consequences. We live in denial imagining we can repair bridges burned. That denial can be an extreme comfort, but it’s also powerless when we are forced to open our eyes. Forced to realize there is not always time.

Consumed by stubborn thoughts, when we shift our focus solely on our own wants and desires, we are neglecting the truly important aspects of life. This behavior can push people away, and in pushing blindly, we may not realize until after it’s too late. This behavior can leave us breathless when we thought we would always have time to say goodbye. This behavior could leave us with regret and wonder. This behavior could take away our true dreams – the sound of their laughter. The touch of their embrace. The daily routine to pick up the phone, when we have time, only now to remember – this time, they won’t be on the other end of the line. We don’t think about what our life would be like if we succeeded, without them. And that’s the ironic twist to this behavior – you need to be sure before you push so hard - the people you may want in your life, may just do just that – go away. And in an essence, we succeeded. They are gone.

Whether it’s intentional or not, we lose focus on the important matters in life. The hustle, the bustle, the chaos and temporary fixations are a nice distraction – but they will break you. Our lives need to be stripped of the 24/7 plug in we have ourselves chained to and take the energy we use beating ourselves down, and put it back in our lives in more appreciating places; with our loved ones. So I ask you -- take a walk. Clear your mind of distractions. Leave the cell phone at home, and on this journey, talk to God. Ask for grace. Ask for wisdom. Ask for guidance on how to remember what living is for. It’s not the dollar, or the trophy, or the plaque on the wall – what you do with your life is only part of the equation … it’s who is in your life that is the important part. Don’t lose sight on that. And if you have, here is your reminder that now is the time to gain it back.

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  1. I believe we are are guilty of pushing many people on the back burner and then hoping they will be there when needed. Who hasn't really done that? But the question is why do we do it? Is it because life gets in the way?