Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring. The Promise of More Than Showers and Flowers.

Be not afraid, only believe. – Mark 5:36
I am like that little girl right now, believing in Christmas morning miracles. 

For the last almost two years we have had a road that wasn’t paved.  It was unsought territory – scary, confusing, and overwhelming at times.  We had some “good” stress (yes there is such a thing) – we bought our first home, combined our families, got engaged where I said yes a thousand times over.  With the love of my life, I know that he stands with me – in good days and bad – cheering me, protecting me, motivating me.  I focus energy giving him the same support.  

But we’ve also been positioned on battle grounds that nothing could prepare us for, and it takes all our energy to fight – war was brought to our front door, whether we wanted it or not – and we had no other choice but to stand and fight – protect and defend – fall down, and get back up, no matter how many wounds our spirits, minds, and bodies faced.  We have faced a custody battle for his daughter, job strain, parenting strain, financial strain, learning to live with one another strain.  Ups and downs and more downs than ups at times – we, regrettably, become so consumed, so accustomed to being on defense that we actually are defeated before we become conscious of the situation(s).  Defeated in ways that are far more deadly, affect us more severely; our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. 

Perhaps the war zone is all too familiar in your world.  Life’s stressful moments that seem to weigh you down, even more than all those girl scouts cookies you can consume in one sitting (or is that just me?).  Life’s stress that seems to debilitate you, consume you, paralyze you at times.  Finances – Career – Parenting – Our Relationships – Our Faith.  

As springtime typically does, it brings with it a sense of freedom and rebirth.  Freedom from old habits, beliefs, ideas, and … unfinished business and goals.  Rebirth of fresh starts, new beginnings, new visions.  Sometimes what is necessary is drawing your line and making the stance, “I’m ready!” to move forward – on to a better life, a better self – with a peace of mind, a sense of clarity and spiritual gain.  

The truth is you decide what spring, or any season, brings to your doorstep in terms of the way you handle it.  You decide how deeply the war grounds and battle wounds known as LIFE can affect you.  You cannot control life but you can control your attitude.  Have a pity party if you need to, sure!  Kick and scream!  Punch a pillow (oh that always feels incredible!) – But remember – You can take a situation and allow it to break you – or, you can revise it and force it to revitalize you.  I learn more and more that as I believe – as I strengthen my surroundings – be it in my inner self, my inner circle of friends, my relationship with my partner, or with God – I strength myself and with that power, I am able to face the battle grounds known as Life.  
But I also know that with power comes responsibility and it’s my responsibility to take care of myself.  
As it is yours to take care of you. 

So as Spring has FINALLY arrived, so has my inner reminder that it’s time to shed the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual “clutter” and ask for a re-newness of mind as we venture into another season, filled with stress – of all kinds of variety .  But facing life, each and every moment, filled with the gift of promise.  Filled with the spirit of new beginnings, fresh starts.  With focus, and determination, to never waive a white flag in defeat, but to always triumph with perseverance, a sense of self, confident, peace, and GRACE.

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