Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sometimes I feel like "patience", Sometimes, I don't!

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You pray for patience
But God gives us opportunities to practice patience.

I was talking to a dear friend the other day about life, and how I am praying so hard for patience.  She delivered to me a phrase that has helped her see things differently; “We pray that God grants us patience, but God gives us opportunities to PRACTICE patience”

How different of an outlook and approach, and one that I have not been able to stop thinking about.   
We live in a world where patience is neither readily acceptable nor obtainable. It's a constant strive for quick fixes, get rich schemes, fast food drive thru, an instant gratification.
Take weight loss for example. When we want to lose the weight we think we need to, we instantly search for a miracle drug or fad diet to shed a few pounds. We don't stop to think of the implications, we just want results, and we want them now.
Same as our lives. We don't stop to see the opportunity to slow down and to think it through. Formulate a plan and reach for the stars. We don't want to give it the ‘ol college try, we instead demand like a two year old throwing a tantrum over wanting yet another toy they don't want or need (nor will they play with once the box it came in becomes available).
Our lives are not something we can avoid, so why do we want to rush through them as such?

Patience. Practicing patience. It's an art form we have so very much forgotten about that can help us through or darkest moments, and make the great ones even better by slowing down and letting life catch up. Living in the moment of the here and now.
I have come to think of it like spaghetti sauce. Sure we buy it in a jar, 4.99 and whoa’la - Bon appetite. But how different would our lives be if we MADE the time to CREATE from scratch this incredible meal for our family. To ask our children to help make the sauce. To develop into our own. To sit at the dinner table and take twenty minutes to hear of each other’s day. To pass the recipe down to our children, and children's children and pray that at their dinner tables they talk of stories from their childhood past ... Where their parents took the time, the patience, to listen while they stirred the red sauce and laughed, genuinely laughed, while they heard of their day. Their exciting news. Their goals and hopes and dreams. What they were working towards and fighting against. That after fifty hours a week away from our families, we practiced dedication and determination and patience in lives. Parents they are proud of. Individuals that we are proud of.

I have grown each day to become more aware of the opportunities given to me to practice patience.  Some days I fail. (Most days I fail!) I look for the miracle wet loss smoothie drink and I buy my spaghetti sauce in a jar.  I yell, I throw a tantrum, I feel like giving up.  I have zero patience it seems for lack of and search desperately for my instant gratification in varies forms.  I think, in a way, it keeps me sane.  But I also know that it shows me invaluable lessons of patience; beginning with myself.  My failures, my setbacks, are in themselves opportunities to practice patience. 

So when you feel like the struggles of your daily world are too much; deep breaths dear friends.  These are our moments to practice what we have long forgotten; with our children, our families, our friends – but mostly importantly, with ourselves. 

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